Car Detailing Services

Even an old car can look new with help from expert car detailing services! Car detailing is what causes some vehicles to look so bright and shiny. Getting it is a great way to make heads turn in admiration.

Car detailing services start off with a simple wash that gets rid of the dust and grime. The next step is to polish the surface until it shines through effective, thorough car buffing services. Whether that includes wheel polishing or more specialized metal polishing, our experienced staff will make your car glow. Our metal polishers are experienced with anything from chrome plating to various custom plate styles. The final step, which is what really makes it stand out, is adding a layer of protective wax. The wax will keep the car clean, preventing debris from sticking to the surface. Our anodizing services will also add a richly colored and beautiful finish to your vehicle's exterior.

Another advantage of a car detailing service is that it gives a lot of attention to its clients. For instance, a detail center is more likely to give customers the option of a hand car wash, which is more thorough than a machine wash. If your car is in need of a detail, contact Abrasive Services Inc today.


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