Metal Polishing

Has your car or any of your metal items lost it’s luster? At Abrasive Services Inc we have over 30 years experience restoring our clients items to their original shine. To help get your metallic items looking new again, our skilled professionals will employ our metal polishing and buffing services.

If you are not familiar, metal and plastic polishing is the cleaning of the paint through the use of abrasives or chemical cleaners. Polishes, whether used for cars or other metal surfaces, includes the deep cleaning, exfoliating step that preps the paint. Our metal polishing company will completely clean the surface of your car, wheels, plastic, and steel surfaces. Any contaminants, tiny scratches in the clear coat will be removed. Next our buffing surfaces will remove any and all of the excess abrasive polish. After our car buffing services are complete, all surface scratches and blemishes will be gone completely.

Your item will have it’s restored glow and sheen! Your old car will look like the same car the day you bought it. Your wheels and rims will have that sparkle it’s been missing. Contact us today at Abrasive Services Inc for any car or motorcycle parts polishing you may need. We’ll restore all your metal items back to looking new!


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